Los Angeles Daily News
“LA-based band Taxi Doll is described as a Rocktronica outfit, but I would prefer to think of their vibe as ‘When Blondie met Kylie.’ Lead singer, sex bomb, and all around pro, Dhana is a mesmerizing, live action, dancing queen with a pretty, crisp voice and an enchanting accent that’s one part German, one part Spanish, one part UK, and twenty two parts fairy dust. She and her band of brothers (they’re not really brothers) are grade-A musicians who make shiny music with a fully DIY ethic.”

Modern Music
“If you like chicks like Katy Perry, Alisson Goldfrapp and maybe Lily Allen. Dhana may go in the middle of same tune with those names, and have got the hypnotising female voice.”

Electronically Yours
“We predict in Taxi Doll that we could be looking at the 21st Century’s answer to Blondie. Part German/part Spanish singer Dhana Taprogge looks born to be a pop-star. She certainly bears a striking figure combining a 40’s style Hollywood starlet look with contemporary glamour.”

Rockwired Magazine
“I fell in love with TAXI DOLL the moment I took the advance copy of their forthcoming debut CD ‘HERE AND NOW’ out of its wrapping and popped it into the CD drive of my computer. TAXI DOLL’s effortlessly cool electro rock sound on the tracks ‘COME TO ME’ and ‘GIVE YOU MORE’ put them in a league with those other electro rock mavens GOLDFRAPP and GARBAGE, although lead singer DHANA TAPROGGE’s sex kitten purr comes closer to ANA MATRONIC of the SCISSOR SISTERS rather than SHIRLEY MANSON. While ‘GIVE YOU MORE’ has been earmarked as the first single, the biggest surprises on this debut CD are the haunting, reggaefied title track, and SOFT KILL which has the band churning out the coldest TOM TOM CLUB-styled funk. Produced by keyboardist GREGG ALLEN, HERE AND NOW is the electrifying first effort of a band that is here to stay.”

Hybrid Magazine
“Taxi Doll takes the synthesized beauty of the 1980s and melds it with the electronica trends of the late ’90s/early 2000s to create pop that is indisputably indie, while maintaining the clean production normally reserved for major label releases. Taxi Doll are possibly one of the most listenable and tight pop groups in existence right now… their music is brash and creative, without any of the schmaltz or over-done disco trickery of most modern pop.”

Blog Critics
“More than a year ago, I reviewed Taxi Doll’s album, Here and Now, and loved it. I’ve always had a soft spot for electro-synth pop and Taxi Doll scratched that itch beautifully. Now lead singer Dhana Taprogge has released a new EP of solo material called Confessions of Lily Rogue. Deeper than Here and Now, Confessions offers a slower, more reflective approach to the music and lyrics. In this slower, solo context, Dhana’s voice provides a textured, emotive counterpoint to the contagious dance beats of her work with Taxi Doll. I love Taxi Doll, but have to say I was impressed with Dhana’s solo work. The EP takes her voice in different directions, focusing on a darker side of life than the typically upbeat electronica of her band. If you like Taxi Doll, you’ll love hearing Dhana’s solo work with Confessions of Lily Rogue. Still, I’m hoping Taxi Doll will continue to release great music as an ensemble for many years to come, and that we hear new music from them soon!”

Music Industry Newswire
“Dhana” is a European born blonde diva and lead singer of dance rock group “TaxiDoll.” In this, her first solo release, “Confessions of Lily Rogue”, Dhana delivers a potent concoction of electronic pop and emotive balladry, with sonic characteristics reminiscent of Dido, Tori Amos, Natalie Imbruglia and even a young Madonna to name a few that came to mind. The sound production on Confessions of a Lily Rouge is top notch and all the songs are well written, but the thing that stands out most of all is Dhana’s vocal power. There are a couple of “dancey” tunes to which her voice is also perfectly suited, given her dynamic vocal range and saucy overtones. Dhana sings like she puts her heart and soul into every note and she pours out her melodies in a polished and accomplished air. Her voice is pitch perfect, it sounds very well developed, is refined and alluring and she upholds a groove and attitude equivalent to the most glamorous sirens in the business.

The Fab Femme
“I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a very talented artist named Dhana and she is absolutely FABOULOUS! Dhana is the lead singer of Taxi Doll and has ventured out into a solo career working on her first EP titled Confessions of Lily Rogue…and it is a MUST HAVE. Dhana is making her way to the top of the pop charts one step at a time.”

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Press Release:
AFA Music Group Artist, Taxi Doll, Breaks Billboard Top 10
WHITE PLAINS, NY–(Marketwire – November 27, 2007) – AFA Music Group, Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: AFAO) is pleased to announce that one of its recording artists, Taxi Doll, has hit number 9 on Billboard’s “Hot Dance/Club Play” chart for the week of November 24, 2007. The song, titled “Be With You,” has been climbing the charts for 10 weeks and is positioned behind songs by recording artists including Seal, Jennifer Lopez and Yoko Ono.

The five-piece band features the lead vocals of Dhana Taprogge in a blend of European styles, traditional pop rock and cutting edge electronic music, sometimes referred to as “Rocktronica.” Taxi Doll has benefitted from numerous TV and film placements, and a nationwide response to its flagship song, “Waiting,” on the Billboard dance charts. The band is currently in the studio working on its debut album.

“It’s been a remarkable year for Taxi Doll. ‘Be With You’ has made a slow, steady climb to the Top 10 and built up the name and the star quality of the band. The response to the video has spawned a new audience as well, and we look forward to continued success in the new year,” stated Jon Goldwater, President and CEO of AFA Music Group, Ltd.

The chart position was announced for the week of November 24, 2007. To view the current chart, please go to the following link: