Recording Artist

Dhana’s crystalline pop vocals have a unique tone that is commercially very pleasing. Powerful and emotive, her sound draws the listner in and attracts a wide audience range. She is a versatile vocalist specializing in pop, electronica, ballads, rock, indie and jazz. To date, Dhana has performed on a variety of projects, working with a multitude of producers, studios, DJs, musical acts, songwriters and ad agencies in the USA & Europe.

With her professional private studio, she collaborates internationally and is also available to work in studio in the Los Angeles area. She is multilingual and can sing in German (native), Spanish & French.

Her voice can be heard on national & international commercials, radio, film, TV shows such as: Mastercard, XBOX, Pepsi, Bandai, Radio SAW, Radio Oe3, Radio FFH, WKRQ Bayern3, Berliner Rundfunk and more. Releases include: Universal Records, Phonag Records, Distinct’ive Breaks, Ministry of Sound, White House Music, Ultra Music, Phonag Records etc.





Featured Vocals


ELF ON THE SHELF Commercial: 
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