Special Performance w/ Notes From The Edge

Don’t miss my special guest performance with Notes From the Edge 7:30pm on the 20th January. Check out this unique concert of arrangements for string quartet and vocals of songs by such artists as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Killers, Bjork and many more…

“Notes from the Edge” is a classical-pop crossover concert with stunning arrangements (by renowned film composer Mark Governor and violist Tom Tally,) world-class musicianship, and haunting and sultry vocals by singers from pop and world music. “Notes from the Edge” explores the relationship between pop and serious music performance and emboldens audiences to expand their knowledge of styles of music and ensembles through a captivating and exhilarating concert experience.

With soul, style and wit, the concert takes audiences on a journey through the wilds of pop, alternative and new concert music reinterpreting songs in ways unexpected and sublime. In addition to Tom Tally, the quartet features Nicole Garcia, Jenny Takamatsu and Cameron Stone and also special vocal performances by Katherine Liner, and Kelly Becerra.

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More news to come soon!!!

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